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Editorial Deadline: 30 July 2021 /  Advertising Deadline: 06 August 2021 /  Publishing Date: 26 August 2021


  • Interview with the Chief of Air Staff, Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz
  • Pre-reporting and news and trends: AFCEA exhibition
  • Digital radio authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS)
  • COVID-19, blessing or curse: the moment of truth for AI and digitisation
  • Capability Counter UAS Class I
  • Optical and optronic systems: in use and innovations
  • Requirements for the ammunition of tomorrow
  • Protection of critical infrastructures (CRITIS) considering SatCom and UAV requirements
  • Ideas and concepts for the field camp of tomorrow
  • Procurement of new vehicles for the Bundeswehr (Part 2-protected vehicles)
  • Process management in the SKB
  • Resilience concept for the special forces of the military police and special forces of the police and the Bundeswehr (Part 1)
  • Preview of the Logistics Workshop of DWT
  • The Army Training Command
  • Interview with the Commander of the Army Training Command
  • Preview of the DSEI
  • Preview of DWT Naval Workshop