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Editorial Deadline: 25 March 2021 / Advertising Deadline: 08 April 2021 / Publishing Date: 27 April 2021


  • Interview with the Chief of Air Staff, Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz
  • Celle Air Base as a strategic resource
  • Army capabilities and planning against the threat of drones
  • Pre-reporting and news and trends: AFCEA exhibition
  • IT security in home office and in data exchange: Where we are today
    and where we should be tomorrow
  • Conceptual considerations for building up own management support/IT forces in the SKB
  • Digital radio authorities and organisations
    with security tasks (BOS)
  • Geoinformation Systems
  • Status and Outlook: The Heavy Transport Helicopter for the German Air Force
  • The Helicopter Squadron 64; Including interview with the Commodore HSG 64
  • Unmanned systems for the Bundeswehr
  • The Israeli Air Force
  • Status: FCAS
  • At the end of the Afghanistan mission
  • Status: F 126/MKS 180
  • Underwater Naval Warfare – Interview with the Commander Einsatzflottille 1
  • The Military Technical Service for Ships and Naval Weapons of the
    Bundeswehr, Maritime Technology and Research (WTD 71)
  • Flyer AFCEA exhibition