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Editorial Deadline: 4th Feb 2020 – Advertising Deadline: 13th Feb 2020 – Publishing Date: 27th Feb 2020


  • New Trends and Products at the AFCEA (Bonn Chapter) Trade Show
  • Introduction of the Directorate Information Technology (I) of the BAAINBw
  • Interview with Thomas A. Emmert, Chairman of the Board BwFuhrparkService GmbH
  • Preview Enforce Tac, Specialist Trade Show for Public Security Experts
  • Current Developments in Security Policy - Munich Security Conference Report
  • Strategies, Concepts and Applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Protection against Drones
  • Capability Profile of the Bundeswehr – Conceptual Considerations on the
    Multinational Air Groups
  • Helicopters for the German Air Force – Status and Outlook
  • MKS 180 – Progress achieved?
  • Series: The BAAINBw's SEA Directorate
  • Digitisation of Exercise Grounds
  • Software Defined Radios of the Bundeswehr
  • Competing for Artificial Intelligence
  • The Army's Combat Training Centre as a Central Training Facility of the Land Forces
  • Comprehensive Operational Capabilities for the VJTF (L) 2023
  • Tactical Edge Networking – Collaboration with the Netherlands on
    the Digitisation of Land Forces
  • VJTF 2023 – Challenges for the Bundeswehr Logistical System
  • Joint Support Services Command – the new territorial command for operations within Germany
  • Digitisation in the Bundeswehr's Medical Service
  • Geoinformation Centre of the Bundeswehr - Status Report
  • Energy Generation and Production in the Future
  • Parachutes for Cargo and Troops
  • Host Nation Support for the "US Defender" Exercise