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Editorial Deadline: 12 November 2021 / Advertising Deadline: 19 November 2021  / Publishing Date: 09 December 2021


  • Interview with the Inspector of the German Navy
  • At the end of the year: Voices from the Defence Department
  • Ground-based Air Defence in Germany / Tactical Firing 2021 – DEU/NLD/NOR
  • Missile Systems of the German Navy
  • Six years of the A400M: Where are we with the capability build-up?
  • Telemaintenance
  • The IT equipment for deployable/mobile systems: Autonomous or cloud-based?
  • Logistical demands within the framework of Host Nation Support
  • Personal equipment and clothing of soldiers (Part 2)
  • Realisation of the Bundeswehr's procurement measures - an outlook
  • Comments and results of the international conference EUROPEAN ROTORS
  • Establishment of the NBC-Defence Regiment 1
  • Transformation Driver Technology for NBC Defence
  • VJTF 2023: Planning of training and exercises
  • Interview with the Commander PzGrenBrig 37 on VJTF 2023
  • Interview with the Commander of the Bundeswehr Medical Academy (SanAkBw)