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Our aim is to report in each issue about important topics and actual events. According to this it might be necessary to change or add the mentioned editorial programme. We present in our column “Automotive“ vehicle new releases, driving reports, car fairs, car financing and car leasing as well as car fleet operators. In our service column “Book Reviews”, we report about actual and interesting book new releases.

Editorial Deadline: 7th August 2020 – Advertising Deadline: 14th August 2020 – Publishing Date: 3rd September 2020


  • Focus on the Bundeswehr IT in the Corona pandemic – Requirements and conclusions
  • Corona pandemic: experiences and challenges in the home office
  • Interview with representatives of BWI and Materna
  • Interview with Sven Weizenegger, Head of Cyber Innovation Hub der Bundeswehr
  • Status report: Unified IT-System in the Bundeswehr
  • Missions and mission training of the German Army under corona conditions
  • German-Dutch Army Cooperation
  • Introduction of the German Army Engineer Training Centre
  • Interview with Brigadier General Lutz Niemann, Commander of the German Army Engineer Training Centre
  • Armoured engineer vehicles: KODIAK (Rheinmetall) vs. WiSENT 2 (FFG)
  • Mantis: MINUSMA mission report and the cooperation with the Netherlands
  • The German-Netherland Corporation in Land-Based Air Defence
  • Focus: Logistics for Basic Operations and on Missions
  • Follow up: Guidelines of the new Land Mobility Concept: Automation and unmanned driving
  • Field Camp Protection and Supply/Supply of Energy and Media
  • Hand Weapons for the Bundeswehr: Current Developments
  • Overview: The Einsatzflottille 2
  • On the importance of the corvettes for the German Navy: Interview with the Commander of the 1st Korvettengeschwader
  • Series: Introduction and Current Priorities of the WiWeb in Manching
  • Digitisation at BAAINBw: the 3D printing centre at WIWeB Erding
  • Introduced: The Israeli Armed Forces
  • Interview with Thomas Gottschild, CEO of MBDA Deutschland GmbH
  • The fighter jet casting in Switzerland
  • EURONAVAL Preview
  • TAURUS Flyer

Editorial Deadline: 28th September 2020 – Advertising Deadline: 7th October 2020 – Publishing Date: 22nd October 2020


  • Interview with General Jörg Vollmer, Commander of JFC Brunssum
  • Interview with Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow, Commander 1st (German/Netherlands) Corps Münster
  • Report from the DWT's 22nd Naval Workshop
  • The German Navy's Early Experiences gained with Class F 125 Frigate
  • Preview: EUROPEAN ROTORS - International Conference and Exhibition
  • Preview: AFCEA trade exhibition 2021
  • Introduction and Current Priorities of the Bundeswehr Technical Center 91
  • Shoulder-Mounted Systems for the Infantry
  • Deployable Command and Reporting Center – Challenge and opportunity
    for defence outside Germany
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the German Air Force – Status, Current Missions, Outlook
  • Gunnery Training of the Armoured Troops
  • Future training at the Army' Combat Training Centre
  • Electronic Patient File
  • Unification of the IT / Networking with Operating Devices and Displays
  • The Mobile Tactical Information Network
  • Sensor-to-Shooter Communication System
  • The Norwegian Armed Forces and their Reserve System
  • Clothing with vector protection

Editorial Deadline: 13th November 2020 – Advertising Deadline: 20th November 2020 – Publishing Date: 17th December 2020


  • Berlin Security Conference Report
  • New trends and products at the AFCEA trade exhibition 2021
  • Preview: Enforce Tac/U.T.SEC
  • News from the international conference EUROPEAN ROTORS
  • Comments from Berlin and Bonn on Defence Policy
  • VJTF (L) 2019 – Lessons Learned for the VJTF (L) 2023
  • Six Years of A400M: Status of the Capability Development
  • Series: Introduction and Current Priorities of the WTD 52
  • The Year 2020 – Continuity and Reliability in German Defence Export Policy?
  • SOATG HQ – on its way to VJTF 2023
  • NATO Accreditation of the Air C2 Training Center and Way Ahead
  • Review EURONAVAL
  • Training of Ship Crews
  • NATO's IT Procurement Efforts
  • SMM 2021 Preview
  • Evaluation of the of carbon fibres release in CFRP fires
  • Interview with the Head of the Personnel Department of the BMVg, Lieutenant General Klaus von Heimendahl
  • Report from the MILENG COE in Ingolstadt

Editorial Deadline: 27th Jan 2021 – Advertising Deadline:27th Jan 2021 – Publishing Date: 16th Feb 2021


  • Preview AFCEA trade exhibition
  • Preview Enforce Tac/U.T.SEC
  • Digitization topics, such as AI, 3D printing
  • IT Security in the home office and during data sharing
  • Satellite communications, 5G, autonomy,
  • Digitalization of logistics
  • Monitoring and alarm systems
  • Protection of barracks
  • Overview and status of the Bundeswehr procurement projects
  • Update on the successor G36 riffle
  • Modernization of the Armaments of the Bundeswehr
  • Corona pandemic: Lessons learned
  • Corona crisis and the impact on the budget/procurements
  • Introduction and current focus of the Defence Technology Center for Information Technology and Electronics (WTD 81)
  • Tactical Staff Training - Control and Reporting Centre
  • The training and exercise centre for air-mobile forces
  • Celle Air Base as a strategic resource
  • German Army capabilities and planning against the threat of drones
  • German-Austrian cooperation in the training of mountain warfare

Editorial Deadline: 25th March 2021 – Advertising Deadline: 2nd April 2021 – Publishing Date: 15th April 2021


  • Special report: AFCEA trade exhibition
  • One year in action: Interview with Katrin Hahn (CRO BWI)
  • Geoinformation systems
  • Preview Paris Air Show
  • FCAS: Update
  • FCAS: German supply industry
  • Update: Heavy Transport Helicopter
  • Successor of the Tornado aircraft
  • News from the Enforce Tac/U.T.SEC
  • Drones - detection and countermeasures
  • Military Personal equipment and clothing
  • Bundeswehr Medical Service