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Editorial Deadline: 9th April 2020 – Advertising Deadline: 15th April 2020 – Publishing Date: 30th April 2020


  • Coronavirus How does the Bundeswehr support?
  • Coronavirus: Consequences for the German armed forces
  • "DIGITAL!  FACTS - EFFECTS - CONSEQUENCES!“ – Short notice cancellation of the AFCEA Trade Show 2020
  • Interview with Vice Admiral Carsten Stawitzki, National Armaments Director at the German Ministry of Defence
  • Interview with Susanne Wiegand, Member of the Executive Board Defence, Rheinmetall AG
  • Eurofighter: Backbone of the European Air Defence –A candidate for the succession of the German Tornados?
  • The German Air Force Weapons School
  • New Approaches towards "Air-Land Integration" in the Framework of
    Joint Tactical Fire Support for the Armed Forces
  • The Importance of a Heavy Transport Helicopter for the German Air Force
  • Readjustment of the training of the German Army
  • Digital Transformation of the Training at the Officers' School of the German Army
  • Ways of arming helicopters
  • TIGER Upgrade: Long-Term Conceptual Considerations for Future Combat
    Helicopters for National and Alliance Defence
  • NH90: Preparatory Training for another Deployment to Afghanistan
  • Simulation and training
  • Tasks and Current Priorities of the Bundeswehr Technical Center (WTD 61)
  • The Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems of the German Navy
  • The Importance of Satellite Communication for the Missions of the Bundeswehr
  • Parachutes for Cargo and Troops
  • Host Nation Support for the "US Defender" Exercise (Follow-up)

Editorial Deadline: 5th June 2020 – Advertising Deadline: 15th June 2020 – Publishing Date: 2nd July 2020


  • Preview Enforce Tac, Specialist Trade Show for Public Security Experts
  • "Facing the Challenges of Military Medicine in 2030+“ Conference Report
  • The Multinational Medical Coordination Centre/European Medical
    Command (MMCC/EMC) – Early Experiences and Lessons Learned
  • Challenges for Medical Care in Military Environments 2030+
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) within the framework of civil-military cooperation - Rescue equipment: Land, Air, Sea
  • Series: Introduction and Current Priorities of the Bundeswehr Technical Center
  • The German Air Force's contribution to the VJTF 2023
  • Operational Commitment of the German Army: The EU Battlegroup 2/2020
  • Continued Development of Artillery Ammunition
  • Long-Range Reconnaissance Systems of the Artillery
  • Naval Shipbuilding in Germany
  • Creation of a unified IT-System in the Bundeswehr
  • The Combat Engineers' Training Centre
  • The Royal Netherlands Army

Editorial Deadline: 7th August 2020 – Advertising Deadline: 14th August 2020 – Publishing Date: 3rd September 2020


  • Focus: Logistics for Basic Operations and on Missions
  • Depot Stockage Enlargement
  • Personnel Trend Change: A Balance after four Years
  • Euronaval Preview
  • Series: Introduction and Current Priorities of the Bundeswehr Technical Center 71 (WTD 71, Eckernförde)
  • German-Dutch Army Cooperation
  • Close and Short Range Protection: Current Status
  • Field Camp Protection and Supply/Supply of Energy and Media
  • Report from the Day of the German Infantry
  • Hand Weapons for the Bundeswehr: Current Developments
  • Air Lift of Vehicles
  • Mantis: MINUSMA mission report and the cooperation with the Netherlands
  • Host Nation Support: Industrial Cooperation
  • The NATO Force Integration Units at NATO's Eastern Flank
  • On the Importance of Corvettes for the German Navy's Out-of-Area Missions
  • Telehealth for Better Medical Treatment of Soldiers in the Theatres of Operation
  • Cyber War Weapons
  • The Technical Training Centre Land Systems
  • The German-Netherland Corporation in Land-Based Air Defence

Editorial Deadline: 28th September 2020 – Advertising Deadline: 7th October 2020 – Publishing Date: 22nd October 2020


  • Report from the Land Operations Information Training Exercise (ILÜ)
  • Air Defence - Current Issues
  • Report from the DWT's 22nd Naval Workshop
  • German Navy missile systems
  • Introduction and Current Priorities of the Bundeswehr Technical Center 91
  • Shoulder-Mounted Systems for the Infantry
  • Deployable Command and Reporting Center – Challenge and opportunity
    for defence outside Germany
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the German Air Force – Status/Current Missions/Outlook
  • Gunnery Training of the Armoured Troops
  • Continued Development of the Army' Combat Training Centre
  • Medical Service: Lessons Learned on Missions and Consequences for Training
  • Report from the SMM in Hamburg
  • Electronic Patient File
  • Harmonising Information Technology / Networking of Operating Devices and Displays
  • The Mobile Tactical Information Network
  • Sensor-to-Shooter Communication System
  • The Norwegian Armed Forces and their Reserve System

Editorial Deadline: 13th November 2020 – Advertising Deadline: 20th November 2020 – Publishing Date: 17th December 2020


  • Comments from Berlin and Bonn on defence policy
  • VJTF (L) 2019 – Lessons Learned for the VJTF (L) 2023
  • Six Years of A400M: Status of the Capability Development
  • Series: Introduction and Current Priorities of the WTD
  • The Year 2020 – Continuity and Reliability in German Defence Export Policy?
  • SOATG HQ – on its way to VJTF 2023
  • NATO Accreditation of the Air C2 Training Center and Way Ahead
  • The German Navy's Early Experiences with Class F 125 Frigates
  • Training of Ship Crews
  • Training Simulation
  • NATO's IT Procurement Efforts
  • The NATO Special Forces Command in Mons

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